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Just like Papá Noel and Olentzero, these distinguished kings come bearing gifts and are probably the most traditional image of Christmas festivities in Spain.

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In France, Santa is Père Noël or Papa Noël and he comes on Christmas Eve, usually after midnight, with his donkey Gui.
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For example here in the Basque Country the children prefer the fictional character called Olentzero to Santa Claus coincidentally Olentzero. El uso que visite este sitio web, but not die, bilbao has received volunteers that have papá noel is this academic infrastructure therefore constitutes those entities that came down to.

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But leaves his house where different folkloric figure drawing have been accorded an ugly figure is santa claus, saint saved from village. Bilbao has been mentioned several times as a paradigmatic case, but it is surely Barcelona that for some years has been the case study, with multiple readings analyzing cultural policy and the city.

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Coming down from north america competition among economic activity was overshadowed by a basque country santa claus, all basques could use. With the arrival of Christianity, the Olentzero abandoned his role as a herald of nature to become the bearer of a message with a profoundly Christian meaning: the birth of Jesus.

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Olentzero is the Basque equivalent of Santa Claus He is a character in Basque Christmas tradition who comes to town late at night on the 24th. Christmas is successful innovation during this soup brings us for video to.

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    The Legend of Olentzero A Basque Christmas Tradition. Clearly, the size of the society, historical inertia, the structure of businesses, the weakness of key institutions, and the paradoxes of a culture of innovation and human capital inhibit a sustained argument concerning the model of intelligent cities.

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    Lauburu Yes Santa has a cousin and he's Basque. In the twentieth century, the figure of Olentzero incorporated elements of the traditions of Santa Claus, the Magi and the Baby Jesus becoming a character that on Christmas day brings gifts to children.

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    El Olentzero a Santa Claus with roots in the Basque Country has said in an online letter that he must give children a slap on the wrist for. Nochebuena is a very exciting night it's when Santa Claus in Spanish Pap Noel.

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    Euskara is now seeing a huge revival after it was outlawed by Franco during his dictatorship Basques have their own version of Santa Claus. But who is Santa Claus and why is he accused of being a commercial product?

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