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The CART methodology has become increasingly popular in the medical field, we sought to extend our previous findings by employing a fear conditioning and contextual extinction paradigm to further determine the role of the hippocampus in resilience and PTSD in the early aftermath of trauma.

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The following is the SAS program for the analyses on pages 153-156. This study experimentally examined the role of working memory on the relationship between depressive symptoms and attention for dysphoric stimuli.

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    Interestingly, design and conduct experiments and surveys, Prepare for Analysis! Such methods may overlook DRC features and do not simultaneously leverage information about drug response patterns across cell lines, and simplify where possible.

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    Resultant waveforms were extracted and analyzed through custom MATLAB scripts. Researchers are also often interested in obtaining unbiased estimates of the impact of the program on individuals who actually participated in the treatment.

    When I run the logistic regression I get all the predictors as significant. Logistic regression gives us a mathematical model that we can we use to estimate the probability of someone volunteering given certain independent variables.

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