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They also accept usable bicycle parts including tubes, tires, wheels, chains, pedals, saddles, cables, and mountain bike handlebars. Depending on the size of your donation, processing your donation will take a few minutes while staff checks to be sure we can accept all of your items.

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    Safety Sacks will provide Peoria Public School students with essential items to help keep them safe and healthy when school begins. Nomader bottles are available to be decorated to match your branding for use as a promotional item for your corporate events, employee or client gifts, or other causes.

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    This includes having our trained samplers come to your location to collect samples and bring them to the laboratory for analysis. ADA standards, and an attached water bowl for pets.

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    The installation of our new water bottle filling stations has given our students the ability to refill reusable water bottles. All leftover food was then donated to local hospitals.

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