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For the discussion of the Fourteenth Amendment and the statutes which led up to it, the author is deeply indebted to Stephen Halbrook.

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Scalia wrote in the majority opinion. The issue for this article, though, is not whether Ordronaux and his fellow scholars were right in every detail, but what the legal scholars thought about the Second Amendment.

Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.

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Do we place our faith in law or guns? Citizens return to their natural rights during a just revolution because the laws, procedures, and protections embodied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights no longer apply.

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    The duty of the state government is, to adopt such regulations as will tend to make good soldiers with the least interruptions of the ordinary and useful occupations of civil life.

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    In some places, this meant that residents who did not already own guns were de facto prohibited from exercising their constitutional rights for the duration of the epidemic.

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    Again, the Antifederalist argument was thatretention of power by the states was necessary to secure the rights of thepeople.

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    Adam Winkler, a law professor at UCLA and author of Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America. England within the century and a half immediately preceding the adoption of the constitution, and the contests were fresh in the memories and traditions of the people at that time.

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    Court explained that the Framers included the Second Amendment to ensure the effectiveness of the military. At the Virginia ratifying convention, Patrick Henry warned that the federal government might neglect the militia, and the people would be disarmed.

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    During the rewriting of the constitution, the government placed more severe restrictions on the right to buy guns. Thus, Tucker followed standard nineteenth century thought in seeing the Second Amendment as designed to facilitate popular resistance to tyranny.

    State such sums of money, in lieu of their personal service, as the same; may, in the judgment of the legislature, be worth. The Court struck down a 35-year-old District of Columbia ordinance that prohibited the ownership or possession of handguns Justice Antonin.

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    Hardly Anyone owns a fully automatic weapon. ICYMI: Late last night, SCOTUS ruled that the execution of Willie Smith must remain on hold unless Alabama allows Smith to have his pastor by his side in the execution chamber. It also became received wisdom that the Second Amendment was in part motivated by bitter memories of British patrols going house to house during the American Revolution, disarming potential rebels.

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