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If the lease is obtained from a related party, the interest rate and terms must be the same as would have resulted had the lease been obtained from an unrelated party.

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SARS follows the OECD Guidelines in conducting transfer pricing investigations.

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Light Blue 20201 release notes Light Blue Software. In case of a foreign transfer pricing correction, the company must submit all documents relevant to this correction to the German tax authorities.

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ITCO performed manufacturing for the Swiss company and did not bear any inventory risk as a contract manufacturer. They are also publicly available, including online versions accessible on the HMRC website.

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Furthermore, the regulation does not prescribe any obligatory method for certain types of transactions, and the taxpayer is entitled to apply only one method for calculating transfer price for a transaction.
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    Petroleum Tax Act or that are involved in transactions with jurisdictions with which Norway does not have a double tax treaty will be subject to the documentation requirement regardless of the number of employees or the consolidated turnover or balance level.

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    Job Financials tab to create an expense form for that expense row, the descriptions comes across now too. Acts of God, labor disputes, civil unrest, official actions and other unforeseeable, inevitable and serious events, the Contractual Partners shall be temporarily relieved from their obligations during the period such events continue and to the extent that their obligations are affected.

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    They shall also apply to all future business relationships even if they are not explicitly agreed as such. Experience has shown that the main trigger of an investigation by the tax authorities has been information obtained by them through their information network or provided to them by informants, such as disgruntled former employees.

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    Interest paid may be recharacterised as dividends, which may result in additional withholding taxes being due. Investigations are conducted with the assistance of the relevant departmental experts.

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