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Sets the conditional format rule to trigger when the cell is not empty. Returns whether the sort order is ascending.

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Apps Script only asks for permission to access and update the current spreadsheet. Sets borders of the rows to respond as the given the script in the dates compared against the named ranges are running these functions? Get the type of this color. We roll our eyes as we say this, such spreadsheets are often a mess of complicated code, little modularity, untested, with no version control, sitting around on users computers without any management.

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Google Apps, and finally, expose it to the web, so your client app can consume it. Returns all the calculated columns in the data source. Removes the pivot group limit.

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    Note it may get into problems with data using complex formatting. Find out more about Doctopus on the youpd website. Learn, through an example, how to make a simple automated dashboard on Google Sheets for your metrics using SPARKLINE, VLOOKUP, Data Validation and Pivot Table.

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