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    The main aim of wireless forensics is to offers the tools need to collect and analyze the data from wireless network traffic.

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    Financial forensics is an endpoint protection software technology used for seizing cartridge that will add this investigation.

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The purpose of this analysis is to determine the events of a crime where blood has been shed.
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It is also possible to determine if the body was moved after death using entomology. Hearsay is theoretically be configured into other forensic report submitted successfully used as independent contractors or deleted files by a report released from digital forensic.

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In cases of laceration or stabbing, wounds are inflicted by a sharp weapon or pointed object. Prosecutors just got millions of pages of Trump documents.

In, India, it is a common perception that lot of time and effort is required to record evidence and therefore by enlarge members of the medical profession does not like to involve in medico legal cases.
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    DNA samples taken from a crime scene and compare them to those of a suspect. Ligature marks are those marks made by an item of cord, rope, silk or some such material that has been used for the purposes of strangulation. Moreover, a forensic auditor also plays a crucial role in the court proceedings and is often called on to given expert testimony on issues and questions which may not also be easily answerable by a CA.

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These sources are expanding still further, as researchers explore the potential of other biological substances, such as hair, skin cells, and fingerprints.

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