Prophetic Declaration By David Oyedepo

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He was born to a mixed religious family. The general overseer of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, has given a prophetic declaration on the global pandemic called coronavirus.
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God speaks to his people through prophets. Thank you for keeping me alive until this moment.

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You will end this year as a LIVING PROOF OF BREAKING LIMITS in the name of Jesus.

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Today, every stranger ravaging your system, I command them consumed in the unquenchable fire of the Holy Ghost! FROM DAVID OYEDEPO MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL INC.

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Download: Attacking Dream Defilement By Rev. Please, hold these prophetic words tight because you are neither a misfit nor a dwarf; you are not disadvantaged and your colour is not a problem.

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The world is waiting for you to make a difference, no matter how little.

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