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    Bulent Ecevit and Defense Minister Sabahattin Cakmakoglu, assured the Turkish leadership that the United States would not permit the formation of an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq if Washington takes military action against Baghdad to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

    David Ben Gurion, made a secret visit to the country to meet with its leadership and hold an unpublicized meeting with Iranian officials. Greek Business Council, Rahmi Koc, announced in late February that he was cancelling all activities of the council for six months due to the tensions in relations between Athens and Ankara. Greek Cypriot administration is equally obliged, according to its Treaty of Accession with the EU to provide customs union treatment to goods coming from Turkey. The week before the elections, several thousand HADEP supporters were detained by police in Diyarbakir as authorities banned an election rally organized by the party.

    In addition, resolution of the Cyprus problem would be a very important development in the process of bringing Turkey closer to the EU, he said. Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul met in Lisbon with President Jorge Sampaio, Prime Minister Santana Lopes, Parliament Speaker Mota Amaral, and his Portuguese counterpart, Antonio Monterio, to gain their support for accession talks.

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    It also said the legislation permitting instruction and broadcasting in the Kurdish language had not been fully implemented since only three schools had begun Kurdish language courses and there was still no broadcasting taking place in languages other than Turkish.

    During this time, tensions with the Arabs increased over Jewish immigration. Should equity investors worry about rising interest rates?

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    The assembly also called on Turkey to withdraw its troops from the northern part of Cyprus as a step toward reunification of that country. Konstantinos Floros, attend a presentation of the proposed construction of a new part of a fence which will be built at the border with Turkey, in Alexandroupolis, northern Greece, Saturday, Oct.

    Iraqi industry will return, and it will be relied on as an alternative to oil. Thirteen failed banks remain under state administration.

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    While welcoming the total abolition of the death penalty in the constitution, the report said claims of torture and ill treatment had continued. Koranic verses, suggested that Kurdish schoolchildren had the right to call themselves Kurds, and said secular politicians had driven a wedge between ethnic Kurds and other citizens. Israel and Hamas has pitted Iran, Qatar and Turkey in support of Hamas and Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel in opposition to Hamas. Libyan army also fought the collapse of the israeli soldiers in amphibious assaults near ankara sent him a sign and turkey still be tried to protect muslim.

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    The biggest prize for Israel, though, would be recognition by Saudi Arabia, which has so far denied any intention to follow its neighbors. As a result of current international pressures, Lebanon is expected to hold a conference on forming a new regime, not a new government, that all political parties in Lebanon can accept. The announcement came eight months after the US president unveiled a blueprint for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, negotiated by Mr Kushner. Ankara, which also has close ties with the Palestinians, help defuse tensions in Israel, Ecevit offered to host future dialogues between Israelis and Palestinians in Turkey.

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At the December meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels, Turkey cast the lone dissenting vote against allowing the EU force to have guaranteed access to NATO planners, intelligence, and military assets when conducting operations.

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