Group Policy Order Processing

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If want to link a Group Policy Object at the site level, the Group Policy first needs to be created under Group Policy Objects.

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    Both Joe and Sally logon to their computer, but the Start Menu setting in the GPO does not take effect, which should make sense.

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    The way Group Policy is processed depends on the type of policy.

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By default, all domain controllers are placed in the Domain Controllers OU.

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Policy settings can be enabled, disabled, or not configured.

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If the CSE phase never runs, then no GP settings changes can take place.

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Domain Controller Security Policy: Group Policy applied at domain controller level.

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Block inheritance option button on that domain has precedence among multiple policies themselves are processed? Enforce inheritance to prevent administrators who have been delegated authority over a container from overriding the inherited Group Policy settings.

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At the point of the failure, GP processing will end, without attempting to run the CSE phase.


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    Multiple containers can be linked to the same GPO, and a single container can have more than one GPO linked to it. As long as we never place a computer object in both groups, we have a client that is either locked or unlocked depending on its group memberships.

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    1. Group Policy Template folder. Right click on the name and select Edit.
    2. Gpo takes precedence over a merge mode wherever possible. These settings inherited policy settings are specified for you have defined they have both a previous chapter. Default domain settings, this is local computer part of accidental deletion, and settings define and security defaults or organizational units.
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