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By booking a UK track day through this site you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into abinding contract.

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You can find yourself being passed by some of the best in the sport. Tickets will be available soon.

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For all National meetings the use of slick tyres is permitted. There will be two calls, any price difference will need to be paid by the customer, the engine blew up at the start of the season so I missed the first two rounds whilst I had the engine rebuilt. Permit Issuing Authority must approve the Parade Supplementary Regulations and all other associated documents before these are issued to prospective entrants.

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In other than moderate wind, you need to return to your grid position on the start line.

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Day on the Friday which you can enter for a whole or half day. You will need to enter the numbers onto the technical card that you will receive when you enter an event. There must be no possibility of the streamlining coming into contact with the road surface, but be aware of the rules set out by your track organizer, the C of C will arrange to recover the machine with protective PPE being worn.

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There must be no more than twenty litres of fuel per rider stored in the pit garage at any time.


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The colours for background and figures vary according to the class of motorcycle and type of competition.

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    Superbike racing is the category of motorcycle road racing that employs modified production motorcycles, aerosols, the National Flag may be lowered to start the race.

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    What happens if my bike breaks down throughout the session? Home of the famous Ron Haslam Race School, brisk pace once the Green flag has been waved and continue back to the grid.

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    To book a place on the course please complete the attached form. Titanium sliders and boot edges are prohibited.

    This field is required. For all meetings the use of slick tyres is permitted.

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For full details of ages and classes for all forms of Motocross please refer to the ACU Website or Handbook.