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Consequently, the study will endeavour to answer the following questions: Can situational factors stimulate impulsive buying and to what extent?

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When consumers received serendipitous information in the social commerce environment, they are more likely to buy things impulsively online.

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This situation conveys that price competition is an important variable for Chinese online consumers, which should not be ignored while making strategies.

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On the other hand, any sale promotion that does influence the customers to buy the product or to avail the service means that the sale promotion did not have the necessary effect on the buying behavior of the customers.

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    Credit Card to buy clothing. While the current study provided a clearer picture and some insights on adolescent impulsive buying behavior, limitations and suggestions for future research need to be addressed.

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    Music on Shopper Behavior. Moreover, value shopping significantly moderates the relationship between scarcity and OIB, but surprisingly VS does not moderate the relationship between serendipity and OIB.

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    Impulse Buying: Strack et al. The finding is helpful to the online retailers and SC web developers by recommending them to take the scarcity and serendipity in their consideration.

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    Store Promotions and Shelving. It not only captures the overall experience of tourists in using Mobile AR apps but also empirically demonstrates the relevance and significance of such apps in stimulating impulse buying behavior.

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