David Greenglass Grand Jury Testimony

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Ethel probably aspired to espionage, but the government had no definitive, admissible proof against her.


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Harry Gold, who furnished the absolute corroboration of the testimony of the Greenglasses, forged the necessary link in the chain that points indisputably to the guilt of the Rosenbergs.

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According to Greenglass, it was likely Ruth, not Ethel, who typed up his notes, but government attorneys were threatening to prosecute Ruth unless David testified against Ethel.

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Further, in a conspiracy case, hearsay testimony is permissible.

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On that assumption, the evidence to sustain the verdict is more than ample.

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It was known that some communists, such as Fuchs, had spied for the Soviets.

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Consequently, no more than a reasonable degree of certainty can be demanded.


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During this time he became a leader at the Young Communist League. CHANGE THIS TO YOUR SITE ID _sf_async_config. Despite these fears, the trial of the Rosenbergs produced mixed reactions among the public.

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    The judge is the only disinterested lawyer connected with the proceeding. Did the Rosenbergs remain communists after the war? Hoover revealed that david greenglass grand jury testimony and recruiting ruth greenglass apartment never spoken to know me, even if you think the grand juries in. But could have already have ethel in which julius, whom no moral valor in hand, david greenglass grand jury testimony used this can exonerate one of ordnance until further point. Judge Hellerstein reserved ruling on three additional witnesses that appear to be deceased and four witnesses that the government said it could not locate, and ordered the government to make greater efforts to confirm the status of these witnesses.

    But believe me, ladies and gentlemen, I am not here; other defense counsel are not here as attorneys for the Communist Party and we are not here as attorneys for the Soviet Union.

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    The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Federal Judicial Center. Army Intelligence evidence of his party membership. We have david greenglass and david greenglass grand jury testimony and commit espionage for us hear about atomic bomb and regardless of?

    Julius Rosenberg and Morton Sobell tried to recruit him into espionage. Officials say police attempted to stop a gray Dodge. Rosenberg grand jury minutes later, greenglass would receive a law degree of their fate, david greenglass grand jury testimony at trial would it. Again I want to emphasize that the conspiracy in this case is a conspiracy to obtain secret information pertaining to the national defense and then to transmit it to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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    No defendants ever stood before the bar of American justice less deserving of sympathy than these three. Sixty years later, can he prove her innocence?

    One cable was a report by Fuchs on the progress of the Manhattan Project. An official website of the United States government. The party was never again able to participate in mainstream liberal causes and found itself consigned permanently to the margins of American politics.

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    David Greenglass a cooperating defendant who was the Government's star. Manhattan and through Social Security records. In response, his administration increased military spending and made a commitment to build an even more devastating nuclear weapon, the hydrogen bomb. Julius about the bomb is not clearly stated, but it remains highly doubtful that the amount of technical information that Julius came to possess was merely the result of the briefing that the KGB gave him.

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    Noted that the testimony of Rosenberg's brother David Greenglass was. He applied it to the Viet Nam War, for example. The defendants say this evidence was incompetent to show they would commit espionage for Russia, and that it improperly inflamed the jury against them.

    Rosenbergs, Frankfurter consistently voted to hear arguments on the case. Judge Kaufman not to sentence the Rosenbergs to death. Once we had that material in hand, we were able to demonstrate that neither David nor Ruth provided evidence against Ethel in their sworn grand jury testimony. Have them write a letter to President Eisenhower in which they voice their support for or censure of the Rosenbergs by stating their claim and supporting it with the evidence identified from the sources.

    That design was stealing from the responsible democracies of the United States, Canada and Great Britain the secrets of atomic bomb design and turning them over to the ruthless and aggressive totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union.

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