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    Fund that uses equalization accounting will allocate a portion of its undistributed investment company taxable income and net capital gain to redemptions of Fund shares and will correspondingly reduce the amount of such income and gain that it distributes in cash.

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    Mutual Fund and ETF Fees FTS charges no sales commissions or loads for investments in mutual funds or ETFs. Services that may not directly benefit you: Schwab also makes other products and services available to us that benefit us but may not directly benefit you or your account.

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    North Star Micro Cap Fund Class I Shares North Star Mutual. You may select as an alternative to the CNB Deposit Sweep Program a Money Market Mutual Fund either on your account application, or by contacting your Investment Officer or Financial Advisor.

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    1. Pacific Northwest Fund Trustees and certain other affiliated persons of the Funds are exempt from the sales charge since the distribution costs are minimal to persons already familiar with the Funds.
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    Sadly, having held steady in a fund for many years and accumulating significant cap gains, options are limited. When developing recommendations for you, IARs compare your financial goals with your investment risk tolerance and the risk and potential return of a specific investment.

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    When we may require a bond will not involved with your account? Excellent protection is afforded by established cash flows, highly reliable liquidity support, or demonstrated broadbased access to the market for refinancing.

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