Administrative Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Please do not use this survey to provide comments on or responses to rules, notices, solicitations or other official agency actions.

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Survey responses are used to identify action items needed to improve the services provided to the internal and external University clients by the Finance and Administration division. Carefully crafted customer satisfaction surveys will give you focused feedback that you need to understand your customer needs and keep your business edge.

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Equally important information may be a way your administrative changes, strategies has made apperances in on administrative services customer survey indicated increased customer. We appreciate feedback from our tenant agencies to ensure we are providing the services necessary for you to accomplish your mission Please rate your level.

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    Deductions and disputes are prime examples of costly process problems within a company that could often be avoided or at least, the resolution could be hastened, through better customer service or communication.

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    1. General Insurance This solution was not equitable given operation in most offices on campus and it limited access to resources outside the office.
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    3. IBM Governance Risk Compliance AAAs and their service providers.
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    Documentation Documentation was limited to the survey itself, raw data and an analysis of the results. In this regard, management can obtain a better understanding of the needs and requirements of the internal customers and evaluate the effort required to satisfy them in relation to common corporate goals.

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