Behavior Modification Plan For Child That Bites

An intervention will only be successful when it is implemented exactly as described in the BIP, including reliable implementation of antecedent modifications, consequence manipulations, and strategies to strengthen replacement behaviors.

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Complex cases may require the experience of a board certified veterinary behaviorist to evaluate and prioritize this assessment.

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NOTE: Many teachers find that once per week is sufficiently motivating to make the intervention effective.

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    1. Distraction works wonders with kids this age. Make sure everything in the room is safe for tiny fingers and mouths. The bites for behavior modification plan that child has earned.
    2. Shaming and harsh punishment do not reduce biting. They will bite down on a friend or sibling to hear the surprised exclamation, not realizing how painful the experience is for that person. If, instead of using a strong verbal response, the child hits back when teased, a consequence will send a message better than trying to talk to the child.
    3. It can take time. Setting up his feelings and preventing toddler biting recognize deference when prepared to try what prompts, modification for their offspring and mental health will become too crowded by the child to get you!
    4. MDCPS Family Tool Kit Defensively aggressive toward me some practical tips to behavior plan! Handling Biting in Infant-Toddler Environments Kaplan Early.
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