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Clients, students and applicants are encouraged to engage NSFAS on the online platforms prior to attempt to call the Contact Centre.

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If you have any warning signs, you or a member of your household should call your nearest hospital or emergency services immediately and notify them that you have confirmed coronavirus disease. Students can simply log in, and complete the work in their BONUS path at their own pace, as well as any specific work you have chosen for them.

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    Only for licences to practice. Although the NSFAS Contact Centre will be reducing the number of staff members the interaction on alternative platforms will be greatly strengthened.

    The applicant would subsidize his or contact to be paid at an unlimited time that will be infused with sufficient freedom afforded to start a particular are. Wash your hands often, avoid crowds and if there is an outbreak in your community, consider staying home and limiting contact to essential people.

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    The laws relating to the licensing of drivers vary between jurisdictions.

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