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Puritan society condemned them to live their life in loneliness, however, the death has brought them together again, this time, for eternity. Graduate from the Intro Plan for unlimited engagement.

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Would you like to exit the game? Haunted by his sinful memory, Dimmesdale decides to finds peace by standing upon the very scaffold that Hester had to endure on through her first hours of ignominy.

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Pearl set forth, at a great pace, and, as Hester smiled to perceive, did actually catch the sunshine, and stood laughing in the midst of it, all brightened by its splendor, and scintillating with the vivacity excited by rapid motion.


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    For the most part, the sad tone stays consistent until the end of the story, especially when Dimmesdale delivers his confession speech and dies. Hatred, by a gradual and quiet process, will even be transformed to love, unless the change be impeded by a continually new irritation of the original feeling of hostility.

    Dimmesdale is quick to forgive Hester for not telling her ahead of time, but fears that Chillingworth wouldnt keep their affair a secret. Nathaniel Hawthorne concludes with the fact that identity is a part of who we are.

    When Hester reveals who Chillingworth truly is to her, Dimmesdale becomes outraged and says its her fault he is in such unbearable pain. The frown, the harsh rebuke, the frequent application of the rod, enjoined by Scriptural authority, were used, not merely in the way of punishment for actual offences, but as a wholesome regimen for the growth and promotion of all childish virtues.

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    Away from the public eye and criticisms, it was in the lonely forest where Hester and Dimmesdale shared and experienced a temporary joy. Later in the novel, Dimmesdale comes to stand on the scaffold with Hester and Pearl.

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    • Book A Demo This invite is not valid. They stood in the noon of that strange and solemn splendour, as if it were the light that is to reveal all secrets, and the daybreak that shall unite all who belong to one another.
    • Product Development Try creating one below. Rather than seeing their own potential sinfulness in Hester, the townspeople see her as someone whose transgressions outweigh and obliterate their own errors.
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