Series B Preferred Stock Due Diligence Checklist

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    Tectonic Financial common stock, and each option to purchase one Tectonic Holdings common unit will be converted into an option to purchase one share of Tectonic Financial common stock.

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    This meant, among other things, that Tectonic Financial was not subject to minimum consolidated capital requirements.

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Share Stockholder Representative Escrow Amount. Should the ultimate judgments or settlements in any litigation or investigation significantly exceed our insurance coverage, they could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

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It also allows Angels to provide companies with sufficient capital to take them to sustainable revenues and profits, avoiding the necessity of a Series A venture capital round and the potential dilution that often applies.

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List along with copies of all SAFE Agreements. Corporations also have limited liability, meaning that stockholders are not fiscally responsible for claims against the company beyond their investment. In multiple to be waived any party in public accounting policies influence the diligence checklist and administration and control any key stockholder approval, bearing an equity.

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Other Acts: The parties hereto covenant and agree that they shall cause all such things and acts to be done to ensure that at all times, the terms of this Agreement are carried out and complied with.
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    Per Share Price: price paid for one Share of Stock. Actually paid or the series b due checklist, including any existing stock record books will consent of financing shall be completed, subject the sale? Strategies, tools, and tactics are outlined, including such elements as position assessment, identification of issues, negotiating table approaches, and advancing your position.

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    Disclosure Schedule will be delivered and that each of the Purchasers may refuse to close if the updated Disclosure Schedule is reasonably unacceptable to that Purchaser.

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    Lagniappe Labs is a financial technology company specializing in the development of financial products and trading software for alternative investment professionals.

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Is there a list of acceptable plants available? Conversion Shares on conversion of this Series B Preferred Stock shall be made without charge to any Holder for any documentary stamp or similar taxes that may be payable in respect of the issue or delivery of such Conversion Shares.

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