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For installation examples refer to Figs. Since codes have changed over the years, the city or town needs to make sure that your house is up to code that lines up with the type of water heater requirements needed.

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You can set up a tankless water heater in a closet even with clothes, but you do need to make sure that there is plenty of room for air intake so it works correctly.

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    However, this article should be useful to you even if you hire out to professionals, as it will provide a somewhat detailed understanding of what is involved and how it should be done.

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    You can enter only numbers in this field. These valves are easy to operate, are much more reliable than gate valves, and have the added benefit that you can determine visually whether the valve is open or closed by the position of the handle.

    THIS IS ONLY TO BE DONE BY A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL. Brand New AQUAH Premium direct vent natural gas tankless water heater with free stainless steel vent pipe Compact highly efficient and ideal for indoor use.

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